Arkady Sandler CEO

Arkady has extensive experience in developing Internet-based projects from conception to profitability.

In addition to founding a number of successful web-based companies, Arkady has held key positions at major Russian-based Internet companies, and in 2002 and 2003 was named amongst the top 200 IT directors in Russia.

Arkady played a key role in the commercial development of the Internet in Russia over the last decade, and has unparalleled insight into the art of strategic planning, and delivering profitable results.

Nadya Kotyusova COO

Nadya is an irreplaceable part of every single project at Essential Commerce.

Nadya plays a key role in every single project at Essential Commerce. With more than 15 years of establishing businesses from scratch, Nadya brings dedication, guidance, and effective management to all aspects of daily business at Essential Commerce.

Andrew Kalinkovitch CMO

Andrew has more than 10 years of in-depth experience in B2B Marketing.

He has worked for multi-national corporations delivering results across the board.

His strategic vision and clear understanding of modern trends and technologies, combined with the knowledge of B2B markets, make Andrew’s expertise a unique and integral part of every Essential Commerce project.