About us

Hi all,

I am Sam from Manchester.

What do we know about adenoids? How to treat them and whether they need to be treated? What consequence poorly treated adenoids may cause? What is there connection to our health in general? All these questions I would like to raise first and then find proper answers to them.

I opened my blog in order to have as much information about adenoids in one place as possible. Here you will find everything I collected during last 5 years concerning this issue: symptoms, ways of treatment including conservative and operative therapy, opinions and recommendations of practicing otolaryngologists. There is a lot of information on follow-up and supporting therapy based on traditional medicine as well as alternative, what to do to avoid subsequent sickness. There I publish results of recent studies, new ways of treatment and other information which will help you to stay healthy.
It is also very important for me to have your, stories, comments, opinions my dear subscribers. The most interesting stories will be commented by well-known practicing otolaryngologists.