Features of treatment of hypothermia

A person has a hypothermia when his body temperature has dropped significantly. This condition requires urgent medical attention to prevent serious injury. In this article, we will look at different treatment strategies for hypothermia.

It is well known that hypothermia is a medical term for unusually low body temperature. Typically, a person has a hypothermia when his temperature is below 35 ° C.
Numerous conditions can cause this condition.

In general, the body has a number of mechanisms that protect it from the cold. When its temperature drops, it works hard to produce heat and stabilize.

Types of hypothermia

There are three types of hypothermia depending on the degree. Symptoms usually appear gradually and worsen over time.

Mild hypothermia (33-35 ºC). The most common symptoms or signs are chills or tremors, confusion or disorientation and difficulty moving. The skin tone may change, it may be very cold to the touch.
Moderate hypothermia (30-33 ºC). In this situation, the patient begins to lose consciousness and start muttering something. It is also possible that a person will experience severe drowsiness and loss of energy.
Severe hypothermia (less than 30 ºC). The person loses consciousness, his heartbeat and breathing slow down and weaken. Her blood pressure is falling below recommended levels.

Pulse and respiration should be checked and cardiopulmonary resuscitation (or CPR) applied if necessary.

Then move the victim to a sheltered place where the temperature is more appropriate. It is also recommended to cover it with blankets or clothes that restore heat and change into wet clothes.

If it is impossible to find shelter, the victim should be given heat to try to dry wet clothes and raise the body temperature. If possible, you can put warm compresses or get closer to the victim. It is not recommended to use direct heat, as this can cause more serious complications.

If the patient is conscious, it is possible to stimulate him with drinks or hot dishes. In any case, it is recommended to give alcohol to calm the victim.

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